Hi – My name is Sue McDonald from Australia. This is a picture of the city where I live. Yes it is the beautiful Pacific Ocean.Gold Coast Ausralia

You may have seen my name before but I have had to have a bit of a forced absence online. Needless to say I am back with a new mentor – Marc Milburn and I have joined Marc’s course – Online Wealth Blueprint. I am sure that I have made the right decision. If it is going to be – it is up to me!

The Job I Left Behind

My full day time job was an accountant but I have given that away in favor of working online. I truly believe if I follow all of the instructions in the course, it will be possible to make money and enjoy all that I do along the way. Imagine making a dollar here and then realizing you can make more – that is super exciting! Look forward to making quite a lot actually.

I guess, like most people, I am here for the money (let’s not tell a fib here) – but for that to happen I have to take massive action and be prepared to put in the hard yards. My reasons for being online are really quite simple. I want to help my family and friends and travel more.

I have a son in the United States and my husband and I enjoy going there but it is expensive. He and his wife live in Rhode Island. This course will allow me the ability to earn the money to keep doing the things I like to do.My Internet Marketing Journey

I have already created a bucket list of things I would like to have and do. So it is not surprising that I have some places in the world that I would still like to see. We would both like to go on some cruises – one in the Greek Islands and another in Russia. There are still parts of Australia we haven’t seen.

My start into Internet Marketing was really bizarre. My husband was ill and he was mad about computers so I thought if he likes them so much, why not let him make some money online. I was working full time at my day job and he was at home. I bought him a course but unfortunately he was not keeping up with it. It had cost me several thousand dollars and I thought we really needed to try and get that investment back. I tried to help him in the evenings and the more I was learning – the more I wanted to learn. I guess a lot of people know how hard it is to work all day and then work again in the evening online.

To cut a long story short – the people who sold this course were con artists and when they had signed up enough people they closed the company down. The old story if it looks to good to be true – run a million miles. However, it has not deterred me and now I know that I am in the right place to fulfill all my dreams.

So follow along with me and I will tell you all about the highs and the lows and I will let you know what I am learning and what I am doing. Can’t wait to tell you about the first dollar I earn from doing this course.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

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