I Am Here Now…

Well sometimes we all know, that there are things that happen in our lives that cause you to make big changes. I have been going through that phase for the last few years actually but Mindset (2)the last few weeks have probably been the worst. I am fine but it is another member of my family who has needed my help and attention but it looks like we may be through the worst of it.

So now I am ready to get back to my internet journey and more learning. I believe the main thing when learning is to have the right mindset and now I believe that this is where I have to start again. I know I want to succeed and I really like learning.

My Mindset

My mindset is very positive and I do not like negativity at all. If I encounter negative people – I would rather walk away than associate with them. We all know how easily we can go from the positive to the negative mindset so let’s try to maintain those positive thoughts. However, just thinking positively will not reach your goals. You have to believe that you will succeed and take massive action. Taking action is the only way to move forward and achieve what you want. You have to have a plan and you have to follow it.

Your Plan

Write down what you want to achieve and the time frame that you expect to reach your desired results. These plans are guides and as you get further into your journey there may have to be some modification if you are going accomplish all you desire. For anything you want to do in life, a plan is essential. The only true way to achieve results is to have a plan and take massive action. Be prepared to work hard and if you do have setbacks – just take the  necessary time  to overcome them.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

Get your traffic there

You have finally got your blog up and running and you are posting information there that is helping your readers. What you really want now is to get some visitors or traffic to your site.

What is the best way to achieve that? These are what I would suggest you do.Get Your Traffic There

1. Sign up for a autoresponder account. I prefer Aweber for this. Go and create an opt-in box and offer your visitors a free gift that is applicable to you niche. This means if you are in the golf niche you can offer them a free report on how to improve their golf swing or something similar. They have to sign it to get the gift.

2. Share your blog with other through the social media sites and social networking sites.

This is a list of some you can use.

3. Read and post comment on other peoples blogs. Make sure that the comment is meaningful. Read the person’s blog before you add a comment. This will also give you a link to your blog as long as you include your URL in the correct box.

4. Make sure that you add your site address to your signature when you are sending out correspondence.

5. If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform, it will automatically ping your posts, but you can also manually ping them yourself.

6. Manually submit your blog to Google, Yahoo and Bing.

7. Include your blog URL on your business card or a flyer you may produce.

8. Make sure you include an RSS feed on your site. This is very easy when you are using WordPress.

9. If you have other sites, you may want to set up a “Blog Roll” and have the sites linked.

10. Write content for your blog on a regular basis. Include external and internal links in your posts.

11. Write some articles and post them on these sites and link back. Unique content is best but always when using blogging platforms, check out there terms and conditions.

Ezine Articles
If you follow these guidelines you will definitely start attracting traffic.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

Can you do it?

I just wanted to tell you about my day – today. I had to start my day at the doctors because I had to have some treatment on my back (not my favorite way to start the day). I had to wait for the treatment. So not to waste my time, I took along a book to read.Bob Proctor

I am really into positive mindset and believing that all things are possible. The book I grabbed running out the door – was “It’s Not About the Money” by Bob Proctor. Now I must admit, I have been a fan of his since I saw him in “The Secret”. I actually went to a seminar in San Diego about twelve months ago and he was a speaker there. He spoke for over two hours and not one person was restless or wanted to leave the room.

Now what a lot of people fail to appreciate about getting the right mind set also requires that you have to do the work as well. Without action you will not achieve. Dreaming will not achieve your goals. There is a saying “seeing is believing” but Bob has turned that around to read “believing is seeing”- don’t you love it. Too many people focus on the money or the lack there of, and this will never improve their bank balance. Millionaires never think about the money – they know that will come after they have completed their work. Think of what you can do to improve your life. If you are in a job you hate, go to night school and learn other skills to get yourself out of there.

Every person is a sales person

You may not realize it, but that is the truth. You are either selling a service or you are selling a product. If you work in an office you are selling your skills as a service, or as a rep on the road you are selling the company’s product.

GoalsWe often limit our thought processes and this is what you have to change. You have to believe that anything is possible. The way of life we were all taught was to go to school, go to college, get a job and after your working life was done – retire. This was what we were all taught and this is what we have to change. Think about what you want – and how are you going to achieve it. Again it all comes back to goals and plans. Write your goals down and then write a plan that will allow you to achieve these goals. Be happy as you achieve your milestones along the way, and if you hit an obstacle – think of a way to overcome and get back on track. This is as simple as it is and you can change your life if you really want to. Never be discouraged – stick to the plans to achieve the goal.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

What is Success?

What is Success?

Now I know there are a million different answers to that question – depending on who you ask. So allow me to answer this question from my point of view.success

Let me say what success is not to me. Success is not about having lots of money. Success is having the lifestyle I want and helping my family and the people I love.

Success comes from taking action. The harder you are prepared to work the more successful you will be. You MUST have a definite plan that will allow you to achieve what ever your goal is. If you have to amend that plan along the way for you to achieve your goal – so be it. If you encounter any difficulties along the way – work your way through the problem and keep moving forward. Maintain a positive mindset as this will allow you to reach your goals. Success requires persistence and focus.

There are various ways to be successful and I believe there are five elements to being successful and each element requires attention.

These are the five elements that in my opinion ensure your success:

1. Relationships and family
Every day when you wake up you should ask yourself how I can improve things for my family today. Family is so important to me and they need attention. Always discuss your plans   with your closest family. By doing this they will understand why you are spending some time away working by yourself.

2. Spiritual well-being
meditateI am not talking about religion here. I am talking about your spiritual inner peace. Meditation will help find that peace. When we meditate we let go of negative thoughts and emotions and put yourself in a much calmer place.

3. Physical well-being
You have to look after your body. Regular exercise and a healthy diet will keep you healthy. Make sure that you get the amount of sleep that you require. There is no point in working so much and not exercising or eating healthy foods that you allow yourself to get ill. All the money in the world cannot buy good health.

4. Intellectual well-being
Always be prepared to learn and expand your knowledge in your chosen field. This could require you to get a coach/mentor or following a formal course.

5. Financial advancement
Don’t chase the money. As long as you are prepared to follow your plans and take massive action to achieve what you want there is no reason why the money will come to you.

I believe that by paying attention to all of these elements equally, you can become very successful.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

Procrastination – Why?

Why is it that some times we procrastinate?

Is it because we can be lazy or is it because we lack the knowledge and do not know how to tackle the task we should be doing? Many times is the later. If we have insufficient knowledgeProcrastination – it is like a paralyzing fear. We want to start the task but because we are not sure that we know how to fully complete it, we tend to put it aside and not start it at all. This fear is often irrational but we tend to think, what others will think or say if you fail. The problem here is compounded because you are thinking what others will think instead of just trying to start the task. When it comes to this, think about yourself and forget the others around you. You will probably find that they will praise you for doing something that you wanted to do.

What you are experiencing is either the fear of failure or the fear of success. Write down all of your objections that are preventing you from attempting this task. Now go through each objection and I know that you will be able to overcome them one by one.

Once you start, you may surprise yourself when you see that there was really nothing to fear because you find it relatively easy. If you need help, why not ask. There are many people amongst your friends and colleagues who will help you, if you feel that you lack the knowledge or skills. Most people will go out of their way to assist you. There is a saying I love “You have to do it for yourself, but you do not have to do it alone.”

The thing about our society is we do the things we feel comfortable doing or things that we have to do during our normal day. This keeps us busy but, to step out of our comfort zone and attempt something else, scares us.

procrastination - whySo this being my year, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and not procrastinating any longer. I am going to complete any task I attempt but I may need help along the way. I am determined to make it in the field of internet marketing with the help of my mentor Marc Milburn and my friends and colleagues. This is how you change your entire life.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

Can You Achieve All You Desire?

I have just finished a massive clean up of my office. Well what I am saying, I de-cluttered it. There was so much paperwork, that I had printed out over a matter of time that I really had to go through it and I ended up throwing a lot of it out. But while I was doing this I came across the skeleton of a blog that I was going to write and when I looked at it I thought why not write it now.Can you achieve all your desires

The thoughts were about what were the qualities you needed to become a success in any endeavor your ever attempted. Believe it or not, it really is your “mindset” but let me expand on that because not everyone understands that. What is the definition of mindset? A “mindset” is best defined as having a group of assumptions or ideas that you believe in.

Your beliefs are the most powerful of forces. Henry David Thoreau puts it so well:
“What lies before us and what lies behind us
Are small matters compared to
What lies within us
And when we bring out what is within
Out into the world
Miracles happen.”

You must be committed – remember be committed not interested. YOU must be prepared to do the hard work. You must take the time to acquire the knowledge to be able to do whatever it is you want to do. Now a word of warning here, knowledge without action is useless. You have to have the inner belief in yourself that what you have conceived in your mind can be achieved. You have to set goals (a goal is only a dream with a definite time line.) If goals are not set down in writing, how do you know you are following the right path? By reviewing your goals, you can see what you have achieved and what the next step is.

successWhat this comes down to that you are persistent and focused and that you do not stumble at any hurdle. If you come to a problem, whatever it may be, find a solution.

I remember as a child (I played the violin) being told – “practice makes perfect”. Sorry, I must not have practiced as well as I should have because I never reached the point of perfection there. But as an adult, this saying takes on a whole new meaning. The people who are successful are the people who will, if necessary, perform the same task over and over till they achieve the results they desire. No one is a success overnight – but we hear that many times, but later we hear the true story of how they have achieved their goals. There has been a lot of hard work before they were a success but one common thread, in every story like this, is they believed that they were going to achieve.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

Interested or Committed?

Hi Guys!

Some time ago I watched a short but interesting video from John Assaraff. If you watched the original movie of “The Secret” you will know who he is. Interested or Committed
He was the guy who created a vision board and when his son asked what was in some boxes that had been packed away for years, when he opened it he found his vision board that he had created several years earlier. There was an exact picture of the house he had bought. When he created this vision board, he lived in Canada and the house he bought was in San Diego.

Are you interested or committed?

The question he posed in the video was “Do you know the difference between Interest and Commitment?” The person who is interested in doing something is more often than not, the person who never achieves his/her goals. They say they are interested in achieving a result but they are always making excuses why something is not working. They can’t or they won’t accept that they are the problem. They are the ones who are to blame for not getting the results but instead they will blame everyone else. They sometimes allow themselves to believe that the goal they originally set for themselves is well beyond their capabilities and accept their failure.

On the other hand, the committed person will take any action or do what they have to do to achieve. They commit themselves to learning new skills and gaining the knowledge they need and they do not make excuses. That is not to say everything is plain sailing for them, yes, they can get into stormy waters but they will ride them out and get back into the calm again. A committed person will not take “NO” for an answer. They will explore every avenue to achieve their goals.

So which one are you?

Are you the interested person or are you the committed person? If you want to succeed you have to fall into the committed category. You have to have the mindset that YOU will achieve what you want to. YOU are the master of your own destiny and never make excuses. Always think in the positive. You cannot change the past and you have your plans for the future but you are now in the present and the present is what you give yourself. That is right – give yourself the “present” and achieve all your dreams. If you encounter problems, solve them, learn from them and keep moving forward.

interested or committed (2)So now that I have joined Marc Milburn I am more committed than ever. So make sure you are the Committed one and you believe and trust in your ability to get what you want and achieve all your goals.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

Have you a plan to reach your destination?

Have you got a plan to reach your destination?

Well it is nearly two weeks since I got my first blog post done and the time is definitely flying. I am really enjoying the journey.taking a Journey

One of the suggestions was to write comments on other students’ blogs. So me being me, I was all for the idea. I was so surprised that so many students had posted very few blogs on their pages and a lot had not posted for several months. I guess they all started out with the best intentions but have, for reasons unknown, stopped short of achieving their goals.

Why do you think this would happen?

Are they just too busy with their family and their day job or have they lost motivation? I don’t know why but sometimes it just needs someone to give them a push in the right direction. It must also be disappointing for their teacher/mentor. Marc is one mentor who definitely wants to see his students become successful.

Don’t let anyone tell you that it is easy to become successful, in any thing you undertake, without YOU putting in 100% and taking action. You and only you have to do the work required. That does not mean you cannot outsource some of your work but it is important that you also need to follow the course and learn all the lessons yourself.

The major key to achieve success is to have a plan. Your goal is that you want to be successful but now you need a plan to reach that goal.

Plans and goalsIf you have never written down your goals, it is time to give it serious consideration and write down your goals and how you are going to accomplish them. Always be realistic when setting goals.

Did you have any difficulty in writing out your goals for the next 6-12 months? Remember to start off with your long term goals and then we break them down into more manageable time frames. These time frames must be realistic and achievable. If you don’t have a realistic goal you will be very disappointed if you do not achieve it.

The easiest way is to break the 6 or twelve month plan into months then weeks and finally days.

Always be aware that sometimes plans have to be modified. If you encounter a problem when you are working on accomplishing your goals – simply think of ways to solve it.

The only person who fails is the person who fails to keep trying. When you see yourself achieve each part of your goal, allow yourself that feeling of success.

Always mark off of your plans what you have achieved. This way you can see what you have completed and where you are going next.

Always stay focused and believe in yourself and you will have success. If you think you need help always ask.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

Time is flying…

Well it is just over a week since I signed up to this course – Online Wealth Blueprint. What a time it has been! Talk about traveling at warp speed just getting everything done. I have now started on my Internet Marketing Journey.Time is flying...Time is flying...

Even though I have been online for sometime, I decided to start at the very beginning and follow all of the instructions to the letter. I am not assuming I know anything but I am watching every video, in order, and not trying to jump ahead. I even registered a new domain.

I believe this will help me to the success that has eluded me so far. Now I am not saying I have never made a dollar online but my problem is being consistent and making good money online. I know it can be done and I am in this till I am successful.

I believe that anyone, who really wants to, can make money online but there are two things you need – first you need a mentor who will explain things well and then you need to take massive action and stay focused on the task at hand. Working online requires commitment.

Everyone who signs up for a course starts the new course with enthusiasm but only a few every get to the end. I wonder why! I know there are many reasons for this but the only time you ever fail is when you stop trying.

I think one of the main reasons people fail at something is they fail to have a plan in place. To me, a plan is like going on a journey. You know where you are starting from and you know where you want to end up but you have to plan how you are going to get there and how much time it is going to take.

Success in any venture is always about being consistent and focused. If you look back through history – you will find lots of people who had an idea but did not know how they were going to succeed. People like Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers. They did things that had never been done before. They were not discouraged if their inventions did not work the first time but they stayed focused and tried again.

Time is flyingTime is flying This is the main clue to success – just keep trying. When you are learning something new, just follow all the instructions and if you have a mentor and you do not   understand something – all you have to do is ASK! A good mentor will encourage you to ask questions. If you can’t afford a mentor right now, I have found a product that my mentor created called Fast Profits Formula – take a look.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald

Join me on my Internet Marketing Journey…

Hi – My name is Sue McDonald from Australia. This is a picture of the city where I live. Yes it is the beautiful Pacific Ocean.Gold Coast Ausralia

You may have seen my name before but I have had to have a bit of a forced absence online. Needless to say I am back with a new mentor – Marc Milburn and I have joined Marc’s course – Online Wealth Blueprint. I am sure that I have made the right decision. If it is going to be – it is up to me!

The Job I Left Behind

My full day time job was an accountant but I have given that away in favor of working online. I truly believe if I follow all of the instructions in the course, it will be possible to make money and enjoy all that I do along the way. Imagine making a dollar here and then realizing you can make more – that is super exciting! Look forward to making quite a lot actually.

I guess, like most people, I am here for the money (let’s not tell a fib here) – but for that to happen I have to take massive action and be prepared to put in the hard yards. My reasons for being online are really quite simple. I want to help my family and friends and travel more.

I have a son in the United States and my husband and I enjoy going there but it is expensive. He and his wife live in Rhode Island. This course will allow me the ability to earn the money to keep doing the things I like to do.My Internet Marketing Journey

I have already created a bucket list of things I would like to have and do. So it is not surprising that I have some places in the world that I would still like to see. We would both like to go on some cruises – one in the Greek Islands and another in Russia. There are still parts of Australia we haven’t seen.

My start into Internet Marketing was really bizarre. My husband was ill and he was mad about computers so I thought if he likes them so much, why not let him make some money online. I was working full time at my day job and he was at home. I bought him a course but unfortunately he was not keeping up with it. It had cost me several thousand dollars and I thought we really needed to try and get that investment back. I tried to help him in the evenings and the more I was learning – the more I wanted to learn. I guess a lot of people know how hard it is to work all day and then work again in the evening online.

To cut a long story short – the people who sold this course were con artists and when they had signed up enough people they closed the company down. The old story if it looks to good to be true – run a million miles. However, it has not deterred me and now I know that I am in the right place to fulfill all my dreams.

So follow along with me and I will tell you all about the highs and the lows and I will let you know what I am learning and what I am doing. Can’t wait to tell you about the first dollar I earn from doing this course.

To YOUR success

Sue McDonald